Best-Selling Pickup Trucks in Uganda

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Best-Selling Pickup Trucks in Uganda

December 3, 2020 / Comments 27 / 1185 / Best-Selling Pickups, Blogs, Pickup Trucks
Toyota Hilux Best Selling Pickups
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Japanese Pickups and SUV’S are among the most popular vehicles in Uganda. German and American brand pickups also present a significant demand among young generation customers in Uganda. Following are the best-selling pickup trucks in Uganda:


Toyota Hilux receives the topmost demand with immense appreciation and value among customers in Uganda. It is a compact sized light-duty pickup truck designed for seeking ultimate adventure with an exciting and challenging drive journey experience. It is built with a rugged design exterior with a robust aerodynamic shape for customers to have fun and leisure outdoor recreational trip. Toyota Hilux are available with single and double cabin spacious seating capacity with increased cargo loading storage accommodation and powerful towing capacity.


Mazda BT-50 used pickups are also in great demand in Uganda. A large number of used Mazda
BT-50 vehicles are imported from external sources. It is the toughest built Japanese mid-sized pickup truck presently built with 2-door single, extended cab and 4-door double cabin body style variations. The layout design consists of the front engine, rear-wheel drive having option of four-wheel drive structure. The power-train engine is based on 2.2 L I4 and 3.2 L I5 diesel engine powered by 6-speed manual as well as 6-speed automatic transmission. It provides extreme capabilities of a muscular sturdy hardcore pickup truck ideal for all kinds of outdoor excursion activities.


Mitsubishi L200 is the most demanding and commanding pickup vehicle in Uganda with powerful rugged capabilities built with a durable robust suspension to easily balance jerks and jumps to provide a stable smooth confident driving journey experience for all young age customers.

The Japanese Brand Pickups are prominent demanding vehicle among the customers in Uganda and provide a true sense of reliability. Mitsubishi L200 has stylish urban exterior design, spacious interior seating, and increased cargo storage capacity. The powerful vehicle towing capacity is also a major characteristic of these trendy smart pickups.

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